“We may benefit greatly from our technological advancements, but we now are left to deal with the toxic side effects. Personal hyperbaric therapy has become a critical treatment for detoxing the body.”

-- Dr. Kyle Vandyke, Medical Advisor to the International Hyperbarics Association.

Oxygen, the ultimate source of healing and well-being.

Lack vitamin D? Osteoporosis in 3-4 years.
Lack vitamin C? Scurvy in 3-4 months.
Lack oxygen? Brain dead in 3-4 minutes.

Oxygen is very, very essential for life. It is involved with all the body’s vital functions, and we require a continual supply of oxygen to survive. Sadly, in the environment we live in, there is a gradual decline of oxygen available in the air we breathe. Many scientists believe that there is only 19% of oxygen available in the air currently. Automobile exhaust, factory emissions and planetary deforestation are the greatest causes of lowered oxygen content in the air. Foods that have been processed, cooked and preserved through canning tend to be very low in oxygen content. High fat foods like meat, eggs and dairy products tend to be lower in oxygen as well. As a result, we have a significant decreased of oxygen in our blood. This oxygen deficiency is overlooked, and most often, mistaken to be of disease origin.

The question, therefore, becomes apparent: how do you get more oxygen, so that your body can feel better? The answer is, by increasing the pressure of oxygen found in the environment, so that the oxygen as gas becomes soluble in liquid. The carbonation of soda in factories using carbon dioxide as an agent is an example of this phenomenon. Using the same principle applied to the body, the gaseous oxygen dissolves into the liquid portion of body. When oxygen is increased in density, oxygen becomes easily available to all cells, tissues, and organs for all its metabolic functions for healing and well-being. Through Henry’s Law, we are able to answer the question “how do you get more oxygen?” satisfactorily. Indeed, through hyperbaric chambers, oxygen is better taken up by cells, so one would feel better right away!