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If the intake of oxygen is insufficient for whatever reason, then the body will be thrown out of balance. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers this occasional re-balancing. We recommend hyperbaric therapy to maintain sufficient oxygen levels within the body, and to prevent decreased immune response. It is ideal for people who are depressed, experiencing increased levels of stress, worrying too much, working intensively, especially in sealed buildings, consuming alcohol/nicotine on a regular basis, as well as for people flying in airplanes frequently, and for people participating regularly in sports activities, or those who are involved in heavy exercise.

However, for most chronic degenerative health conditions, to come to a clinic every day to complete the recommended protocol of once or twice a day, 6 days a week, for 40-80 dive range, is almost close to impossible!! We understand you. You have commitment, but the distance and inconvenience is such a hindrance..

Imagine the possibilities of not needing to drive to any clinic, to do your sessions per your own schedule, whenever you want, as much as you want, and to do the dive in the comfort of your home. Therefore, it is best to bring the clinic to you!!!

  • Kindly call us first to ensure availability of chamber before paying the $300 deposit.
  • $20 per hour technical support is available after delivery and setup visit.
  • We recommend that you take a dive with our chamber in our clinic, to see if the chamber is right for you.
  • Please download our rental agreement form here and follow instructions given.
  • Rental Deposit - $300 (fully refundable only if chamber is in good condition)
  • We have the following military chamber to rent. Click here for chamber details.