How Often Do You Need to Check Your Truck and Trailer Parts?

Owning a truck and trailer or a fleet of trucks can be a management nightmare if you don’t tend to them regularly. For a trucking company to stay ahead in these modern times, especially with so much competition out there, it is essential that you check your trucks and trailers at regular intervals to ensure that they are road worthy and safe for travelling. So what does that mean for your trucking company? How often should you check your truck and trailer parts? semi cargo trailer

This time frame will vary depending on your use of the trucks and trailers. It is essential that you service your trucks at regular intervals of 15 000 kilometres or at least once a year. This is the standard duration required for servicing vehicles. If you bought the trucks brand new, then this practice will ensure that your trucks will work for you for a long time. This will allow you to regularly check and replace worn truck parts before they become a problem and cause much damage. Truck parts that are often replaced during services are the brake pads and tyres. Other elements that are checked include the oil and water, the wheel alignment, the engine, electronics and so on.

While checking or servicing the truck you also need to do the same for the trailer. The trailer is constantly attached to the truck which means it travels just as much and must also be tended to regularly. Use the same guideline as for trucks so that you can ensure that it remains in good condition. With the trailer you need to check the various trailer parts such as the trailer axle and the electrical equipment. You need to check that the lights are working in synchronisation with the truck’s lights. If the truck is put into the reverse, the trailer’s reverse lights also need to work with the truck’s reverse lights. The same goes for the brake lights. Before you release the truck and trailer on its journey double check that the trailer is properly hooked onto the truck. Accidents can so easily happen when the trailer is not properly hitched. If any truck and trailer parts need to be replaced then do so at the point of service or before they embark on the next journey. Many accidents and damage can be avoided by replacing the parts with quality truck and trailer parts when required.

It is, therefore, essential that you service your truck and trailer at 15 000 kilometre intervals and do a spot check before each major journey.

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