Top Personalised Gifts for Kids

Personalised gifts. Stupid question maybe, but what are they? The answer really depends on what you want them to be. Personalised gifts can be anything, from children’s storybooks in which your chosen name becomes the lead character throughout, to big jars of your favourite retro sweets. Given many of these items available, it should come as little surprise that gifts for kids provide a lot of the business. After all, what child doesn’t love seeing their name on the front of something?!

Here, we take a look at some of the personalised presents that have your kid’s name written all over them – metaphorically and, most importantly, literally too…

Personalised Children’s Books

We’re about 20 years too old for these, yet they still rock our socks. Why? Because we can imagine how cool it must be to be a whippersnapper reading a book in which you’re the star. That’s what the range of personalised children’s books allow you to do – your kid becomes the main character throughout, while in most instances you’re also able to feature additional names of friends and family. Titles include Toy Story 3, Spider-Man, Winnie the Pooh and loads, loads more.

Personalised Beano Stuff

As personalised gifts go, Beano goodies are right up there. One for the boys, you’ll find mugs, calendars, posters, notebooks, birthday storybooks and even a jigsaw. What they all have in common is that your chosen name becomes ‘the Menace’. Beano buffs will absolutely love it.

Personalised Retro Sweets

Cola bottles. Fried eggs. Jelly babies. Candy sticks. Parma Violets. Refresher chews. Double dips. Drumstick lollies. Flying saucers. Liquorice wheels. Jelly beans. Milk shakes. Fizzers. Mini Love Hearts. Haribo rings and hearts. Candy whistles. Dolly beads. Pink shrimps. Fizz Wizz. And your chosen name and a message on the front of your selected jar. Enough said.

Personalised Stationary Set

Every kid loves stationary. Stick their name on the front and it gets even better. So just imagine the smiles when they see their name on the front of 35 pieces of stationary! They’ll find six gel pens, a pencil case, 12 coloured pencils, two HB pencils, 12 coloured markers, a highlighter and ruler, as well as an eraser and a sharpener which are the only two things that won’t be personalised. They’ll be the envy of the class.

Personalised Teddy Bear

If you’re buying for a real little ‘un, how’s about a personalised teddy bear? Tradition at its best, this cuddly companion stands at 45cm tall and comes wearing a rather dapper chequered neckerchief. Best of all, though, you can personalise his foot with two lines of text – perhaps a name and a date?

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